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Big News!

Restaurants in San Diego County have again been allowed re-open and to serve meals — outside only.

That means that your Escondido Lodge #1687 is re-opening (slightly) on this coming Friday, January 29th.
We will release the menu when it is final. However, the cost for our Friday night dinner will be
$12. It will include an entree, salad, veggie and a dessert. It can be eaten at the Lodge on our 
patio or you may telephone ahead and ask for your meal “to-go”. 

We are once more allowed to serve you alcoholic beverages — if you purchase a meal.

And Saturday hamburgers are back! We will be serving, outside, from 11:00am until 1:00pm as usual. 
Our burgers, and they are all 1/3 pounders,  cost $6 and include fries. Alcoholic beverages are available,
with the purchase of food. We obviously will be serving on our patio or we will be taking orders “to-go”. 

We are also having our annual District audit this Saturday — starting at 9:00am. Hopefully the audit 
will be completed in time for many of our District representatives to join us for lunch.

Looking forward to seeing you at YOUR Lodge!

Harrison Beal,

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