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On Super Bowl Sunday, which is this coming Sunday, February 7th, the Lodge will open at about 2:30 or 3:00pm. Kickoff for the Super Bowl is set for 3:30pm.

There will be a pot luck — meaning  that you should bring food or snacks to share. The Lodge is furnishing chili — at a nominal charge.

The bar will be open — mostly for wine and beer only — and please remember that we are only allowed to serve alcoholic drinks to those who also purchase food.

It appears, at this time, that we will be on the patio.

I had a dear sister who lived in — and loved — Tampa Bay — so I am a Tampa Bay Buccaneer fan — with apologies to Leanne & Jim — 
and it will be different to be rooting for Tom Brady  — but I fully expect to win the Super Bowl pool — again.

Harrison Beal, Webmaster

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