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Welcome to April. The first day of April is the start of our new Lodge year and — Dues are Due!

If you have not yet paid your dues for our new fiscal year ending March 31, 2022 — please contact the Lodge office as soon as possible. Do you remember that a portion of your dues go to pay your District dues and a portion goes to pay your National dues? Your Lodge is required to pay your District and National within the next few days, whether we have received your dues payment or not. 

Also, please be aware that a portion of our Lodge’s property tax bill is payable within the next few days. We urge you to remit your dues asap to help keep YOUR Lodge solvent!

Thanks to all those loyal Escondido Elk members who have already sent in their dues for next year. Many of you have also added “extras” to your payments that went to some of your favorite Elk charities and/or favorite activities. We appreciate you more than we can express. 

This is also Easter Week and the activities at our Lodge have slowed down a bit. We will be serving our Friday Night Dinner at the Lodge this Friday, April 2nd. Our menu features either baked or grilled tuna along with a veggie, salad and a dessert. Our chefs are Tim & Linda Lyons. Our Friday night dinner price is still only $12 per. (Where else can you treat your “significant other” to a great meal at that price — which also includes tax & tip?)

Our bar opens at around 5:00pm on Fridays and our dinner will be served from 5:30pm until 7:00pm.

Our bar opens at 10:30am on Saturdays and hamburgers are served from 11:00am until1:00pm.

Although we are serving inside these days — face masks are still required upon entry into our Lodge and social distancing is observed. 

Looking forward to seeing you at YOUR Lodge!

Harrison Beal,
Webmaster &

PS. Happy Easter!!

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