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Welcome to our new Fiscal Year — which begins today — April 1, 2021.

Your annual Lodge dues are also due today!

This email is also intended to clarify our Friday Night’s menu — we are serving fish — either baked or fried — and the fish we are serving is mahi-mahi. 

Our fish is courtesy of Glen Foss — who is our resident deep sea fisherman. 

Glen periodically takes fishing trips into the deep waters of the Pacific Ocean — and he shares his bounty with us. Thank you Glen!

We also will be offering tuna but we only have a limited supply.  

Our menu tomorrow night — Friday, April 2nd — in addition to fish — also includes fruited rice, asparagus and a dessert.

All for $12  — including tax and tip. (A huge bargain price!)

Our bar will open at 5:00pm tomorrow night — and dinner will be served from 5:30pm until 7:00pm.

We will be serving inside the Lodge — but we continue to observe social distancing — and face masks are required upon entry into our Lodge.

Our bar opens at 10:30am on Saturday morning — hamburgers are served from 11:00am until 1:00pm. Burgers — with fries — are still only $6. (Great burgers at great prices!)

Our Lodge is closed on Sunday — April 4th — Easter Sunday. 

Harrison Beal,

PS. Remember: Dues are Due!

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