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A group of your fellow Elks will be helping at Earth Day — and you are invited to join them.

Earth Day will be held on Sunday, April 25th at Kit Carson Park in Escondido. There will be a vintage car show on that date from about 8:00am until 12:00 noon. There will be a big crowd — and lots of trash.

Our group of Elks have agreed to help pick up trash during and after the event — you know — Earth Day — help keep our part of the  Planet Earth clean. Those of you who wish to “give back” to your community — this is your chance.

We expect to start about 10:00am on that Sunday morning.
“T” shirts with our Elks logo will be available. 

For more information — call the Elks office.

Harrison Beal,

PS. Your dues were due April 1st — but you are more than welcome to help at Earth Day whether you have already paid your 2022 dues or not. We will not be checking your Elks card. Also — bring a guest — they will be also be welcomed.

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