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We have a Lodge meeting — and initiation — scheduled for tonight — July 28th —starting at 7:00pm. The dress code for officers is “black & white”.

There will be a light meal of chili dogs and fries available at about 6:00pm.

On Friday — July 30th — our Friday Night Dinner at The Lodge will feature roast chicken, potatoes. veggies, salad and a dessert — all for only $12.

Note: Our Board of Directors will soon consider increasing our Friday night dinner prices because of the overall increase in our costs. Enjoy the $12 meal while they are available.

Our bar will open at 10:30am on Saturday morning.

We will have burgers — on the patio – from about 11:00am until 1:00pm.

NOTE: We need a volunteer to help “flip” burgers this Saturday — please call the office.

Our Lodge has a rental this Saturday — actually a Quisanera — a big event for a young lady. We expect that there will be people decorating on both Friday night & Saturday morning.

Our bar will be open Saturday night because of the rental — all Elks are always welcome at our bar whenever the bar is open.

We will have a Sunday dance this coming Sunday — August 1st.

The bar opens around 1:00pm on Sunday  and there will be dancing from 2:00pm until 5:00pm. Dance admission is $12 for non-Elks and $10 for Elks.

See you at YOUR Lodge!

Harrison Beal,

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