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Most of you know something about our Elk charities. ENF (Elks National Fund) is one of our major Elk charities. Donations we, as Elks, make to ENF—  and our other charities — are returned to us in the form of Grants.  

This year we applied for — and have just received an ENF grant in the amount of $4,000. One of our members — Bill Modi — actually prepared the Foster Care grant application — and prepared the following information for the members of our Lodge. 

Be proud to be an Elk!!!

Harrison Beal,

ENF Grant to Escondido Lodge supports Foster Care
On Friday October 22 at 5:30PM, Jennifer Telitz from ‘Just in Time for Foster Youth’ in San Diego will visit YOUR Lodge.  This Foster Care program is the proud recipient of a $4,000 grant that will be used to assist recently emancipated youth establish their first homes.  Escondido Elks will use this money to purchase housewares, kitchen supplies and bedding for six youths moving into their first apartment. Foster care is a temporary service provided by State governments and private organizations for children who cannot live with their families. Children in foster care may live with relatives or with unrelated foster parents. Foster care can also refer to placement settings such as group homes, residential care facilities, emergency shelters, and supervised independent living. Jennifer will come for dinner, give a presentation, discuss her program and describe additional volunteer opportunities for Escondido Elks.

Try to make your plans now to attend our Friday Night dinner on October 22nd — meet Jennifer Telitz — learn something about the Foster Care program — and perhaps get more involved with the Foster Care program.

Bill Modi

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