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We all have to be a bit flexible these days — unexpected events often cause schedule changes.

First — Our own Terry Hache is (was) our chef in charge of this Friday Night’s Dinner at the Lodge.
But there was (is) a crisis at Terry’s employer. (Did you know that her day job is that she a senior programmer with General Atomics?)
It seems there is a  problem on one of our aircraft carriers stationed in Newport News, VA — Terry has been called over there to fix it.
All of our carriers operate  on software — some of which Terry writes, updates and fixes when they don’t work.
(It is sort of important for all of our carriers to be able to launch their planes safely and efficiently.)

So our schedule change: This Friday Night will be “pot luck”.  No charge for the meal — the Lodge will provide the entree
and we would appreciate it if you would bring a dish to share. The entrees will be chicken enchilada or pork loin —
we need people to bring a salad, veggie or a dessert. 
Speaking of a “pot luck dinner” — we will again have our traditional have pot luck dinner on “Super Bowl Sunday” — which will be held 
on Sunday February 13th this year.

We plan — and fully expect — to be watching the Super Bowl in our Lodge Hall either on our own brand new 65 inch Vizio TV or
—— perhaps — from a projector and a new brand movie screen which will be lowered — when needed — from the ceiling in the Lodge Hall.

We are ” jumping the gun” by announcing this in advance — plans are still being developed — Terry Hache is in charge and —  as mentioned above
— she has been called out of town for a week or so. (See paragraph #1 above). Also — incidentally — our plans have be approved in advance by our 
Board of Directors at their next meeting on February 2nd.

But Kathy Barton was privy to some of our initial plans and she stepped up 
and donated a brand new 65” VIZIO TV for our Lodge. THANKS KATHY!

Looking forward to seeing you Friday Night!

Harrison Beal,

Mark your calendars for some coming events:

1. Lodge meeting & initiations tomorrow — Wednesday — January 23rd — all Elks invited.  
2. DD Clinic at Escondido Lodge on Saturday, January 29th – All invited.
3. Sunday dance on Sunday, February 6th — music by “American Roots”.
4. Lodge meeting — February 9th — officer nominations for next fiscal year — elections on February 23rd.
4. Super Bowl Sunday, February 13th — Pot luck & we will be showing off our new electronics.
5. Valentine’s Day — Monday February 14th — Taco Bar $10.00 – Much less stressful that at other restaurants.
6. Wine Pairing Dinner on March 19th — choice tickets on sale now. 


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