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Our Lodge will be open tonight — Tuesday February 3rd — at 4:00pm for Game Night — bar snacks will be available.

The Golf Club members will be meeting tonight —and the Planning Committee — chaired by Barbara Saad — will also be

meeting tonight starting at 6:00pm.

Our Friday Night Dinner at The Lodge — on Friday February 4th — will feature Swiss streak, mashed potatoes, veggie, salad and a birthday cake —
probably a chocolate cake — maybe with ice cream — all for $12! (NOTE: Per a decision at a recent Board of Directors meeting — a price reduction.) 
And —as is our practice — we will be celebrating birthdays on the first Friday nights of each month  —  all of our Lodge members with 
February birthdays will be honored tomorrow night. 

(We have several very distinguished Lodge members 
with a February birthday — very distinguished members!)

Our Lodge will open around 10:30am on Saturday morning — February 5th — hamburgers will be served from 11:00am until 1:00pm.

Our Lodge will open around noon on Sunday — February 6th. There will be a Celebration of Life for Jay Black starting around 1:00pm.
Because of the Sunday dance — the Celebration for Jay Black will take place on our back patio.

We will have Sunday dance on Sunday — February 6th — with music furnished by “ American Roots” — the dancing starts at 2:00pm 
and is over at 5:00pm.  

Our bar will open at 4:00pm on Monday — February 7th — it will be Card Night and snacks will be available.

There will be a Lodge meeting on Wednesday — February 9th — all Elk members are invited and encouraged to attend.
This will be a very important meeting because there will be — among other things — nominations for Lodge Officers for the coming year.

Looking forward to seeing you at YOUR Lodge!

Harrison Beal,

Coming events:

1. Super Bowl Sunday — February 13th — All are invited to view the game on our brand new 65” Vizio TV set!
The bar will open around 1:00pm — and we will be having a pot luck —the Lodge will furnish the entrees — members are asked to bring
their favorite snacks, appetizers, veggies or desserts to share. The kick off for the Super Bowl is scheduled for 3:00pm. Always a “super” time at our Elks Lodge!

2. Valentine’s Day — February 14th — The Lodge will be hosting a very special Valentine’s Day dinner —a taco bar — with all the trimmings
— for only $10! Why fight the crowds for an over priced dinner when you could dine at the Lodge — on tacos — surrounded by your friends and fellow Elks?

3. Saturday — March 19th — Your Lodge will be hosting a “Wine Pairing Dinner” — with wine furnished by one of our local wineries
— together with a extra special dinner. This will be a momentous evening — mark your calendars now and plan to attend!

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