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We recently received this e-mail from Bill Modi — and we are delighted — more than delighted — to share this information with all of our fellow Elk members.

TO: Harrison Beal, Webmaster
FROM: Bill Modi, Youth Activities 

Proimises2Kids is the proud recipient of a $5,000 donation from the Escondido Elks Lodge. This money came from two sources: a $4,000 Beacon Grant from the Elks National Foundation and $1,000 from the Escondido Lodge’s discretionary funds.
Promises2Kids is a leading nonprofit organization originally founded 40 years ago as the Child Abuse Prevention Foundation of San Diego County. Since 1981, Promises2Kids has responded to the needs of foster children and provided support to children removed from their home due to abuse and neglect. https://promises2kids.org/.
Promises2Kids annually provides over 3,000 current and former foster youth in San Diego County with the tools, opportunities, and guidance they need to address the circumstances that brought them into foster care, overcome the difficulties of their past, and grow into healthy, happy and successful adults. Promises2Kids supports these children through our four core programs: Polinsky Children’s Center, Camp Connect, Guardian Scholars and Foster Funds.
Tiffany La Mar, Annual Giving Manager, and several youth members will visit the Escondido Elks Lodge on Friday, February 18 at 5:30 PM. Tiffany will provide an overview of their organization and highlight future directions where Escondido Elks can make a difference.

Bill Modi,
Youth Activities Director


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