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Our new chef — Huggie — tells us he has planned another  great menu for our Thursday Night dinner 

tonight. He will be serving smothered pork chops, mashed potatoes, green beans and a salad for $12.
Also, for $10, a chicken dinner salad. Huggie also has planned for some pork sliders for $8. 
There will be bread pudding fo dessert. We will be serving tonight from 5:00pm until 7:30pm. 

This morning — August 14th at 10:00am — our Thursday morning coffee group is re-starting after being closed for several 
months due to Covid, etc. Ed & Sharon are brewing the coffee this morning and have extended an
invitation to all Elks — and their guests.

Our Friday Night at the Lodge menu features spaghetti, veggie and a salad.(For those Lenten observers there
will be a meatless Alfredo sauce.) 

Saturday — August 16th — will be big day at our Lodge. The Combat Vets Motorcycles Assn. will be 
holding their annual “Stand up and Ride” event at our Lodge. They start with a breakfast at 7:00am
— then they leave for their motorcycle rides beginning around 9:00am. 

On Saturday morning we will be serving burgers at our Lodge — as usual — beginning at 11:00am. We are expecting  larger crowd 
than usual for burgers because the CVMA folks will be joining us. There will also be food trucks outside our Lodge
during the noon lunch hour.

Please note that the CVMA event on Saturday is a charity fund raiser — the CVMA is a 501-c19 registered charity
— and they support several worthy causes primarily focused on veterans. CVMA has obtained a special one-day liquor
license for this Saturday — they have invited the public — and they are expecting a huge crowd.
All Elks are specifically invited to all CVMA events on Saturday — and all Elks are encouraged to attend.

Our Lodge is closed on Easter Sunday — April 17th.

Happy Easter!

Harrison Beal,

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