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We have listed below some of the coming events at YOUR Escondido Elks Lodge:

Today — Monday — June 13th — Lodge opens at 4:00pm for Card Night. There will be a light dinner
available featuring pasta.

Tuesday — June 14th is Flag Day — the Lodge is closed. 

Thursday — June 16th — The Lodge opens at 4:00pm for Game Night.
Chef Huggie will be offering a menu featuring “Crab Etoufee”.
There are also other lighter menu selections — such as salads — offered on Thursdays.

Friday — June 17th — We are in for a real treat — the menu selection features chicken 
piccata. Our chef is Tim Kennedy. Tim is one of our newer members who — along with 
his wife Cindy — recently transferred their memberships to our Lodge.  (Cindy is a PER!)
This is also a chance for many of us to meet the Kennedys and welcome them to our Lodge.

Saturday — June 18th — The Lodge opens around 10:00am. Burgers are served from 11:00am until 1:00pm.
The Golfers are in charge of burgers this week — expect great burgers!
We have an orientation for new members starting at 11:00am.) 

Saturday Night —June 18th — Lodge re-opens at 4:00pm.
Our Lodge is host to the Escondido Police Department  — K-9 Team.
This is a fund raiser event for the K-9 team — admission is $20 — and all proceeds go to
support the K-9s. There will be light refreshments served and a silent auction.
All Lodge members — and guests — are cordially invited.

Sunday — June 19th — Lodge opens at 12:30pm. There will be a Sunday dance starting at
2:00pm and ending at 5:00pm. Music will be provided by “Hot Pursuit”.
Admission for Elks -and a guest — is $10 — for non-Elks the admission is $12.

Looking forward to seeing you at YOUR Lodge!

Harrison Beal,

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