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Security Key Card Lock System


The Board of Directors, in an effort to make the Lodge more secure, have voted to begin using the Lodge key card lock system again.

This will require all Members to use their “purple” colored card lock key they received with their membership card to gain entry into the Lodge during normal operating hours. You may be asked to present your membership card.  If you’ve misplaced or lost your card, just call the office for a replacement.


Here are some simple instructions on how to use the “card lock” system

  1. Insert your purple key card in the slot to the right of the front door.
  2. Push and hold the card in place, you will hear a buzzing sound.
  3. While you hear the buzzing, pull open the door.
  4. If you forgot your key card, press the door bell and you will be buzzed into the Lodge.
  5. If you forgot your key card, be certain to have your membership card with you. You will be asked to present you card.


The system is there to make the Lodge safe and secure for you and your guests. It is not intended to inconvenience you, our Members.


As always, you are welcome to bring guests to the Lodge to enjoy a meal, a beverage, or visit with other Members. Please take a minute to sign in your guests.


Diane Allen PER

Exalted Ruler


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