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There was a football game yesterday — the “Chiefs”  beat the “Eagles” by a score of 38 to 35.

But you probably already knew that. You might also already know that we had a “Super Super
Bowl” party at the Escondido Elks Lodge yesterday. Here are some preliminary & approximate numbers:

We probably had a total of 137 people attending — according to some very unofficial guesstimates.

Here are some other very interesting numbers: 

Someone ate 95 free hot dogs, drank 210 cans of free beer and 
80 bottles of water. In addition someone used: 
                              about 250 paper plates
                              about 300 plastic forks
                                          about 400 napkins 
                              about  200 plastic cups
                              maybe 400 meatballs of assorted flavors
                              at least 80 chicken wings
                              and many, many delicious cupcakes

(And that was only at Mike’s table.)

In truth we had a great party yesterday at YOUR Escondido Elks Lodge!

Harrison Beal

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