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Please save the date: Saturday — July 22nd.

We are having a WORK DAY at your Escondido Elks Lodge.

We might also call it a “CLEAN OUT THE CAN” day — our portable storage unit at the back of our Lodge is completely full. 
We will need to decide which items to keep and discard the rest.

There are several other places in and around our Lodge that need attention also. 
For instance, our tenant — the Animal Urgent Care veterinarian clinic — is requesting additional storage space for patient records.

We also plan to  inspect every room in our Lodge — including the Game Room — & perhaps discard items that we no longer need.

We will need as many volunteers as we can muster.

We have rented a portable dumpster for the occasion.

Looking forward to seeing you on Saturday morning — July 22nd — at 9:00 AM.

Thank you!

Harrison Beal,

PS. Work Day volunteers will be entitled to a free cheeseburger.

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