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Friday Night — Dinner at the Lodge

The Friday NIght menu — July 21st — is a stake, a baked potato, a salad  — and strawberry
shortcake for dessert.

For $15!!!!! Unbelievable!!!!

Where else could you find a steak dinner priced at $15?

Looking forward to seeing you Friday night — we will be serving from 5:30 until 7:00pm.

Harrison Beal,

PS. WORK DAY is planned for this Saturday — July 22nd. Show up at 9:00 and someone will give you an assignment.
We have rented a “dumpster” for the occasion.

For instance — We need able bodied folks to help clean out our mobil storage unit outside our back door.

We also have some “stuff” stored where our air conditioning units are located. That “stuff” has to also go to our ”dumpster”
to make room to store some current records

The bookcase in our game room — a/k/a our shuffleboard room — is being “moved” to make room for other games we have planned for that area.

Other areas in our Lodge have “stuff” that has been accumulating over the years. Many of those areas will be targeted 
for improvement on Saturday also.

And the above are projects we already know about — we expect to add several other projects as the morning progresses.

(All volunteers will be entitled to a free cheeseburger.)

Does that sound like fun or what? 

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