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We take pleasure in attaching  YOUR email edition of the September 2023
Elkherd from YOUR Escondido Elks Lodge. (In living color!)

There are a few things we should also call to your attention:

1. Our new collapsable wall has been installed — my best descriptive adjective 
when I first saw it was:  “WOW”! You are invited to YOUR Lodge to see
for yourself.

2. YOUR Lodge is celebrating Labor Day on Saturday, September 2nd.
We will be serving BBQ ribs, burgers, hot dogs, beans, corns and sides on our patio.
The hours are noon until closing. 
The opening full day day of College football will be featured on all of our TV’s.

2. Our first annual dart board contest will start the first week in September. Entries are
already being accepted..

3. Note on page #1 that Our Escondido Elks Lodge Golf Club will be having their 
annual fundraiser golf tournament on September 8th. 
Open to everyone. Sign up and join the fun.

Harrison Beal,

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