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Events This Coming Week at Escondido Elks Lodge

Thursday — May 19th — there will be coffee and donuts available at 10:00am.

Thursday — May 19th — The Lodge re–opens at 4:00pm for Game Night

Our chef — Huggie — tells us that his menu for Thursday will feature BBQ pork ribs,
baked beans, coleslaw and a dessert. All for $12. There will be a lighter menu of chicken salad
for $10. 

Friday — May 20th — Jim Bennetts is our visiting chef. His menu features chicken
enchiladas with rice, beans and a dessert for $12.

Saturday — May 21st — The Lodge opens about 10:30am — we will be serving burgers
from 11:00am until 1:00pm. The golfers are in charge of burgers this week — their burgers taste the same
but the golfers usually have the most fun. Our burgers with fries or chips are now $7.
There is an orientation for new members scheduled for 11:00am this Saturday.

Sunday — May 22nd — The Lodge is closed — there is a rental. 

Monday — May 23rd —  The Lodge opens at 4:00pm for “Card Night”.

Looking forward to seeing you at YOUR Lodge!

Harrison Beal, 

Schedule for This Week

There is a lot of activity scheduled for YOUR Escondido Elks Lodge this week — here are some highlights:

Wednesday — May 11th — There will be a Lodge meeting starting at 7:00pm. All Elks are
welcome and encouraged to attend. There will be a light dinner at 6:00pm — prior to the meeting. 

Thursday — May12th — Coffee & donuts at the Lodge starting at 10:00am.
Our Thursday night dinner (provided by chef “Huggie”) features chicken & fish gumbo at a cost of $12.
Some additional details re. our Thursday night menu are found on page #11 of our May Elkherd —
and we will also print more details on this space later. 
Thursday nights are also Game Nights.

Friday — May 13th — (Friday the 13th!) — menu for our Friday Night Dinner at the Lodge 
Is Mediterranean chicken and our chef will be our PER Terry Hache. We will be 
serving dinner from 5:30pm until 7:00pm at a cost of $12. (More details re. our Friday night dinner will follow later.)

Saturday — May14th — There will be a free car show in our parking lot — sponsored by
the Corvettes of San Diego. The hours are from 10:00am until 12:00 noon. We will be serving
burgers from 11:00am until 1:00pm — with the Corvettes being in charge of burgers.
(Please note that the cost of our burgers —with fries or chips — has recently increased to $7.)

Saturday night we will have a country dance with music by “Horseshoe Lucky Band”. There will
be country dance lessons starting at 6:30pm with open dancing from 7:30pm until 10:00pm.
The country dance instructor will be David Walkup. Admission to the lessons and/or the dance is $12 — except that Elks are admitted for $10.
Our bar will be open to Elks and their guests.  

Sunday — May 15th — We will be serving breakfast from 9:00am until 11:30am.
This is an ENF benefit breakfast — with ALL proceeds going to our Elks charities!
(For more breakfast menu details please see the front page of our May Elkherd.)

Sunday Dance — May15th — We will also be hosting a Sunday dance on May15th— with music by “Hot Pursuit” . 
This is the first time at our Lodge for this group — but we understand they have a huge following — and we expect a big crowd.
Our Sunday dance hours are from 2:00pm until 5:00pm. Admission is $12  — except that Ells are admitted for $10.

Looking forward to seeing you at YOUR Lodge.

Harrison Beal,

Schedule for Friday Night & Saturday

The Lodge will open today at 4:00pm. Our menu for our Friday Night Dinner at the Lodge tonight — Friday May 6th — 
features Beef Stroganoff, asparagus, salad and a dessert for only $12. Linda & Tim Lyons are our chefs. 
The Lodge will serve dinner tonight from 5:30pm until 7:00pm. 

Our Elks organization has a tender place for Mothers — and we have scheduled an Elks Mother’s Day Service for Saturday — May 7th —at 12:00 noon.
This Elk’s Mothers Day ceremony is “ short & sweet”.  All are encouraged to attend and honor our Mothers. All attendees will be presented with a red or
white carnation —  ladies who attend will also be given a ticket for a free burger. We open the Lodge around 10:30am on Saturdays and we serve burgers from 11:00am
until 1:00pm — with time out tomorrow for a short Mothers Day ceremony.

The Lodge has a rental for Saturday afternoon.

The Lodge will be closed on Sunday —May 8th.

Harrison Beal,

Escondido Elks — Updated & Revised Schedule

Please read carefully — The following is an updated— and revised — schedule for this week at YOUR Escondido Elks Lodge:

Tonight — Wednesday — May  4th — There will be a Directors meeting starting at 5:30pm.
All Elks are invited. There is usually a light meal served.

Thursday — May 5th — Coffee hour at the Lodge at 10:00am.

Thursday — May 5th — Celebration of Cinco de Mayo! Revised dinner menu of two tacos
(either fish or chicken) with rice and beans —plus a dessert for only $10. Served from 5:30pm until 8:00pm.

There will also be an alternate menu of marinated ceviche for $8.

Friday — May 6th — The menu for our Friday Night Dinner at the Lodge features 
beef Stroganoff with asparagus — and a salad — plus a dessert for $12.
Served from 5:30pm until 7:00pm.

Saturday — May 7th — Lodge opens at 10:30am. Burgers served from 11:00am until

Saturday — May 7th — Mothers Day ceremony at the Lodge at 12:00 noon.
This required Elks Mothers Day program is “short & sweet”.
Attendance open to everyone — memorable carnations — and free burgers to all
women —Mothers or not. 

Sunday May 8th — Lodge Closed 

Coming Events:

May 11th — Wednesday — Lodge meeting at 7:00pm.
May 12th & 13th — Dinners at the Lodge — menus to be announced 
May 14th — Saturday — Cars & Burgers — in our outside parking area —  sponsored by the “Corvettes of San Diego”
May 14th — Saturday — Country Western Dance featuring music by “Horseshoe Band”
May 15th — Sunday — Sunday Dance featuring music  by “The Hot Pursuit Band”.

Looking forward to seeing you at YOUR Escondido Elks Lodge!

Harrison Beal,

Mothers’ Day Ceremony

Do you remember — or has anyone ever told you — that the Elks have a required Mothers’ Day ceremony each year?

ER Diane has determined that our Lodge — this year — will celebrate Mothers’ Day
on this coming Saturday — May 7th.

The ceremony — which is short & sweet —will be held at 12:00 noon. All participants will receive a carnation.
In addition — all females — married or not — Mothers or not — will receive a free burger.

Attendance is voluntary — except that all Officers & Directors are required to attend.

Looking forward to seeing you on Mothers’  Day — this Saturday — at YOUR Elks Lodge.

Harrison Beal,

Error Correction

Your usually reliable Webmaster actually sent out some erroneous information

in our last email.

We are celebrating “Cinco de Mayo” this Thursday night — tomorrow actually.
Chef Huggie’s menu is:

Two tacos (either fish or chicken), rice and beans and a dessert for $10.

There will be an alternate menu selection for $8 — expect details to follow.
We will be serving from 5:30pm until 7:00pm.

ER Diane has also asked us to announce a Cinco de Mayo special:  Margaritas @ $5!!! 

We are looking forward to seeing you — and your guests — at YOUR Lodge!

Harrison Beal,

PS. We do apologize for any previous miscommunication.

This Week at Escondido Elks Lodge

The Lodge will open at 4:00pm tonight — Monday May 2nd —  Monday nights are Card Nights

— Bar snacks will be available.

Our monthly Directors’ meeting is scheduled for Wednesday — May 4th — starting at 5:30pm.
All Elks are welcome.

Thursday is Cinco de Mayo! Chef Huggie has prepared a Mexican menu for us.
The first option is a taco — either chicken or fish —with rice and beans — $10.
(You may order another taco for an additional $3)

There will be a second menu selection — for $8 — we will furnish more details later.
Friday night — May 6th — we will be celebrating all MAY birthdays. (Expect plenty of birthday cake!)  
Friday’s menu — and our chef will be Linda Lyons — will feature beef Stroganoff, with asparagus and a salad
— for $12. (And cake!)

We serve meals on Thursdays and Fridays from 5:30pm until 7:00pm.

Our Lodge opens at around 10:30am on Saturday — May 7th. 
Our cheeseburgers — with fries or chips — are now priced at $7
and are served from 11:00am until 1:00pm.

Sunday — May 8th —is Mothers’ Day. Our Lodge will be closed.

Looking forward to seeing you at YOUR LOdge!

Harrison Beal,

Message from ER Diane

ER Diane has asked me to remind you —

There will be no Friday Night Dinner at the Lodge tonight!

The Lodge has a rental tonight — April 29th — for a private party.


Harrison Beal,

Notice for ER: A Schedule Change

Our Exalted Ruler Diane has asked me to remind you of a schedule change.

Because our Lodge has a rental this Friday Night — April 29th —

There will not be a Friday Night Dinner this week!


Harrison Beal,

Schedule for This Week

We have ten new members scheduled for initiation tomorrow night — April 27th. The meeting is scheduled to begin at 7:00pm.

All Elks are invited and encouraged to attend and greet these new members.

A light meal will be served before the Wednesday night meeting — beginning about 6:00pm. The menu will be spaghetti pie, salad and a dessert.

Huggie’s menu for Thursday night will feature teriyaki chicken, rice, mixed veggies and ice cream for $12.
Asian salad with chicken for $10 — and teriyaki chicken and rice bowl for $8.

We also have coffee hour on Thursday mornings beginning about 10:00am.

REMEMBER: Our Lodge has a rental this Friday  night — April 29th. There will be no Friday Night Dinner served.

Our Lodge will open around 10:00am on this Saturday — April 30th. We will be serving hamburgers from 11:00am until 1:00pm.
(Our burgers — with fries — continue to receive rave reviews — and still cost only $7 per. Glen & Cindy are our volunteer
chefs this week.)

Also on this Saturday — our Lodge has a Celebration of Life scheduled from 2:00pm until 5:00pm.

There will be a Sunday Dance on this Sunday —May 1st. The bar will open around 12:30pm — there will be dancing from 2:00pm until 5:00pm.
Music will be furnished by “American Roots”. Admission to dance is $12 — except that Elks are admitted for $10.

Looking forward to seeing you at YOUR Lodge,

Harrison Beal,